ASHOBI: The Much Anticipated Album

This album will leave you in no doubt of Drizlik’s unique and extraordinary talent and that he remains at the top of his game, constantly in competition with  himself. He has maintained his formulaic style of speaking in Krio parables and idioms, telling fundamental stories about not just himself but us as a people and the society we find ourselves in. 

Susan’s Bay Fire – Freetown

A fierce fire in Susan’s Bay, Freetown, which started at about 6pm on Wednesday, 24 March highlights the insecurity of residents in Sierra Leone’s informal settlements. No death was reported but the entire community was burnt to ashes.


The word “need” implies “requirement – an essential – a necessity” like plants NEED sunlight and water or they have no chance of survival, humans NEED oxygen or we die – an obligation rather than a desire/preference/a choice made on one’s own volition. I doubt that is the case for women and men. Safe to say, indeed, we don’t NEED men.

It’s really not about the money.

Despite this being a favour and me having the understanding that there will be no financial or any other form of gain for me for that matter, it was a matter of principle for me to show up on time as I had given her my word.


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